Australian Liberal Heritage

Settlement of Australia – First Fleet

  • 1788 by Watkin Tench made up of: A Narrative of the Expedition to Botany Bay (1789) and A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson (1793) (Text Publishing / Booktopia / Gutenberg / LibriVox ).  As a captain of the marines, Watkin Tench sailed to Botany Bay with the First Fleet on the transport ship Charlotte. In his two part account, Watkin Tench describes the voyage to Botany Bay and the early years of the settlement. Tench provides a very human account of the initial meeting with Aboriginal people, and the well known figures of Arabanoo, Bennelong, Barangaroo, and Colbee.  Tench takes us into the life of the young settlement, and provides an account of discovery and perseverance in a bleak landscape.
  • The First Fleet (2018) by Trent Dalton (The Australian)

Magna Carta

Constitution of the United States of America

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution

Liberal Party History

  • The Forgotten People (1943) by Robert Gordon Menzies (Connor Court)  This 2017 facsimile copy of the original 1943 book contains Robert Menzies’ broadcast essays delivered on Radio 2UE in 1942. The book is titled after the first and major essay. Peter Cousens reenacted ‘The Forgotten People’ broadcast upon the 75th anniversary of the radio address.

Political Economy

  • The Law (1850) by Frédéric Bastiat in free electronic text (Mises, FEE), audio (FreeAudio) and printed book (FEE / Mises)