About Action Economics

Action Economics assists clients with economic analysis and advice.

Economics is about achieving our wants with our limited resources. It involves ends, means, choice, cost and exchange. Economics helps us achieve our goals in life.

With trust in the power of quality analysis and reasoned argument, Action Economics endeavours to make a contribution to the development of a civilised society.

The motto ‘Wirtschaft, Eigentum, Freiheit’ (German for ‘Economy, Property, Freedom’) honours the great economists of the German-speaking Austrian School of economics, Carl Menger, Eugen von Böhm-Baverk and Ludwig von Mises.

Action Economics advises with an understanding of economics, accounting, finance, computing, mathematics and politics.

Action Economics is your trusted analyst, policy sounding board and intellectual bodyguard.

Imagine, your own personal economist.

What would you like to achieve?

Danny Haynes is the Principal of Action Economics, which was registered in October 2013.  Danny has over 6 years experience in a rather large and central Commonwealth Government financial institution and has been advising on health policy since July 2008.


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